Notehead appear on wrong side of stem for unisons of beamed notes

• Sep 4, 2009 - 03:38
S4 - Minor
  1. Create new score
  2. Add beamed notes to voice one (eighth notes or shorter)
  3. Switch to voice 2
  4. Add the same first note as step 2 above (so that voice 1 and 2 are unison)
  5. Add at least one or two more notes to voice 2
  6. Save and reload score

Expected behavior: Note heads for the unison notes between voice 1 and voice 2 should lie on top of each other.

Actual behavior: Notes head lies on wrong side of stem for the unison note in voice 2

Workaround: Right click on the voice 2 notehead and choose "Note Properties". Specify that the notehead should appear on the left.

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notehead side of stem.mscz 1.27 KB