How to re-dock pallettes.

• Jun 12, 2014 - 21:05

Somehow I managed to undock the pallettes window and can't figure out how to re-dock it. It used to move to still show the whole first page when I "F9d" the pallettes or went to "top".

I remember clicking on some icon at the top of the palletes window, the pallette changed position and now the feature I described above no longer works. Instead actuating F9 overlays the window on top of the left-most page.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

I am still using 1.3



I was intrigued


1. Click on an empty part of the (EDIT: first page of the) open score and drag it to the 'right' to create room on the 'left' side, where the palette normally appears.
2. Then click on the Palettes title bar (the area between the word 'Palettes' and the 'X') and drag it far left until you can see the full tab of the open score.
3. Release.


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It's just not working:

Previous to my experimentation, when I would "Home" the score, if the pallette was hidden. the score would nest in the proper place, the top left corner.

When I would invoke the pallette (F9 for example) the pallette would appear and the left side of the score would abutt to the edge of the pallette, still nesting in the top left corner of the desktop that was not covered by the pallette.

Now, however, the score is anchored to the entire desktop, regardless of whether or not the pallette is visible.

I would like very much to go back to the previous behaviour.


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Drag the palette out of the MuseScore window.
Double-click on the palette toolbar: the palette is anchored or released;
Drag up to the top edge or the left edge, and release when you see the blue area.

Wonderful! Works perfectly! Thanks!

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Bingo! Thank you.

It took a bit to understand it although your instructions are so clear, and I had trouble getting the blue to show and I was just moving the pallette in and out and suddenly it locked in again.

Very grateful.

Doesn't work for me. I think I've resized the palettes' window and maybe it prevents it from docking again. But I've tried the different techniques, I can't get it to dock again.

The simplest way to do it is literally just double click the title bar of the palettes window. You can drag it back into place, but double-clicking also works.

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