Mirrored notehead stem alignment

• Oct 29, 2017 - 18:08
Reported version

When a notehead is mirrored, i.e. facing west when normally facing east or vice- versa (the user applied a shift+x), the accompanying stem seems to be slightly detached from the head as opposed to the normal direction (east or west depending on stem direction). It's barely noticeable and probably requires a zooming in to see it. It seems the easiest fix would be to have some sort of auto re-alignment of the vertical positioning as well as a stem-length adjustment to accommodate this slight vertical positioning when a notehead is mirrored. A couple screen captures can be seen here in the reply to Marc's first post. The idea at first was to truly mirror the a notehead, but it seems stem adjustment is the way to go. Not too big of an issue, but it should be dealt with unless this is considered standard form. C'ya.