Note property: Tuning

• Nov 1, 2017 - 17:41

I am translating the description of Inspector, and have found the Tuning property in the Note category.
It takes a numeric value. All the Handbook say is
"Adjust the tuning to the nearest cent"
That gives me no clue what it does, and which values it will take.
Can someone clarify.l


1 cent is 1/100'th of semitone (minor-second) interval.
eg: C->1,2,3, ... , 98, 99, -> 100=C# ->, 101, 102, 103, ... , 198, 199, -> 200=D, ..., ..., ..., 1200=C'(octave)

Thanks for the input.
I did't know that 'cent' was a unit in music.

So what you can actually do with the Note property 'Tuning', is that you can lower or raise the pitch with up to two semitones, by entering a value between -200 and 200.

The property is accesed via Inspector.

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