sound distortion in zerberus

• Nov 2, 2017 - 01:14

Hi, what could be the reason of sound distortion in sample
and how to get rid of it?
sfz used has 26 wavs - two mono wav's for each line.
The same thing with similar sfz with 13 stereo wavs - one for each line. You can hear it in sample
You can hear distortion even in test sfz with only 3 wavs -
Moreover - sometimes I hear distortion just after clicking one note in a score - this or another.
I use notebook with i7 processor and windows 8.1. I also suppose that there is some influence of screen recorder but without it I here distortion often enough.

Next is a part of the 26-wavs sfz:

lokey=38 hikey=77

lokey=38 hikey=38
. . .


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I made comments based on what I heard on Youtube.
If the problem is not what I expected, then: I need to see samples and sfz file to figure out the cause of your problem.
If possible; upload your samples and sfz file somewhere (eg: Googledrive)
I want to check and find out the cause of the problem.

I confirm the problem. I doubt it has anything to do with CPU power, because the sound is distorted even if you save the sound not in real time.

Take a look at this score:

Notes in measure 19 are almost not recognizable. Though they are practically the same as in measure 17. You can even copy measure 17 to measure 19, it won't improve the sound.

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This problem is known for this Soundfont.
The thing that creates the problem is "Release String Resonances" part.
(and yes; overloads the CPU and DSP for some reason)

open "SalamanderGrandPianoV3Retuned.sfz" with any text editor:
'Save as' with another name. example: "SalamanderWR.sfz"
Find this string (near line 497) in sfz: "Release string resonances"
Delete lines from this point to the end of the file.
and "Save" it.

Load and use this new .sfz in Zerberus.
Problem is gone.

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