Help needed to understand differences between rehearsal marks

• Nov 6, 2017 - 10:28

My "problem" is on page 2 of the attached score.
Mark A and C appears "normal" for me, but mark B appears to be much more rounded.
I can't understand why.
I have tried to click on 'reset text to style' in the inspector (on A, B and C) without success.
Attached also a print screen with the look difference in case the "problem" would not occur on your PC.

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LS_Scottish_Houssa.mscz 23.39 KB
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So the obvious question is: What does "radius = 10" mean? Is 10 a number, a measurement (in what units), a percentage, or just a piece of warm feeling? Does anyone know? This is one of the most frustrating general features of MS that there is no proper specification of what anything means. This reduces us all to "push and poke": just jiggle everything around until it looks about right.

Anyway, a bit of experiment shows that setting a value for "radius" does not set the radius, so this should be reported as a bug.

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