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AUDIT OF SCORES. In a piano score can the sound be reproduced idlyintly the key of G and the one of F? That is, listen first to one pentagram (G) and then the other (F).


Copy the measure to where you want the second. Then there are two ways to do this.

  1. Select the copied measure then use Notes->Transpose... then in the dialog check "Transpose chromatically" and "By Key". Select the button for Closest.Then in the drop down to the left of "By Key" chose G major/E minor. If you want the key signature changed, then near the middle of the dialog box make sure Transpose key signatures is checked.

  2. Select the measure and press the down arrow two times. Insert the new key signature if you want the new key signature.

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I seems you are trying to listen to the top piano staff, then the bottom piano staff. This is not easy to do. The mixer mutes or solos the entire instrument. There is a work around.

Select the entire staff you want to mute. Open the inspector (F8) and press the notes button. Next scroll down if necessary until you see "Play" and remove the check. Now when you play the score, that staff will not play. When you want it to play, select the staff as before and check "Play."

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Thanks mike 320. The best solution, the most practical and fastest is using the inspector (F8), I have already learned how to do it. I did it by creating two new staves with two different instruments, I made a short and paste of the previous ones, I deleted these staves and I used the Silences and the Solos with F10, but this is a lot of work.

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It might be more work to do this with an already existing score (although it's not that much, still under a minute) but it makes things much easier if you know in advance you will want to do this if you start new scores this way from the beginning. Then you can mute / solo staves via the Mixer much more easily and with much less chance of error than by constantly selecting notes and fiddling with their Play properties in the Inspector.

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