Tracing expressions in Transifex

• Nov 10, 2017 - 14:14

I am checking on the daish tranlation in TX.
Is there a way to trace back from a word/expression to it's origin in the userinteface?

The only hints I can find are the Occurrences and the Context fields, and they do not always give enough information.

Currently I am trying to locate three items:

Slur Inspector - InspectorSlur
Slur/Tie - InspectorSlur
Add Slur - action


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See under "Context", lower right hand side of the screen

If that isn't enough, you'd need to get the full source code and search in there.

I believe the 1st and 2nd string you mentions is not really used, but if so, then indeed in the Inspector

Not sure why you'd need to know where "Add slur" shows, just translate it. That string is straight forward enough (as are the others you mention)

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I don't know Transifex, but you can get out of the way by name:
eg1: (in Musescore) Click any slur in the score and open the inspector. The slur features are listed there. Maybe this is the part mentioned in TX.
eg2: (in Musescore) On the Add menu, there is slur under the options for lines. You can look over there. Maybe this is the part mentioned in TX.
Just some guesses. :)

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I look for the string, in example 1119;
It appears in Inspector when a slur is selected in the score;
Context in Transifex shows:
More Info
2 words

My two cents

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Translate all texts as well as you can (even though you cant check it since you dont know where it is used).
If you see something in MS that does'nt look right - try locating the item inTX via the "Tanslated text", and correct it.

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