Multiple Horizontal frames cause brackets to move into third frame.

• Nov 13, 2017 - 11:48

Create a score with a piano. Sometime after the first measure insert 3 horizontal frames on the same measure. The brackets will move into the third frame. If you insert more frames, the brackets will stay in the second one. Is this a known bug?

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Looks like very similar problems and probably related. Perhaps I should add a note to the existing bug report so whoever fixes it can test to assure both problems are fixed or start a new issue himself if one set of code doesn't fix both.

MS 2.2, Win 10
I have an occurrence of the same problem as the original post by mike320 "bracket stays in second horizontal frame".

Can some kind expert possibly clean up the attached score? I have experimented, but I don't know how to get rid of this unsightly bracket. Specifically I have tried deleting the horizontal frames and their associated text, and then re-inserting them - [EDIT] but the bracket persists in the frame even when it has been made invisible.

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I did try that, but somehow it gets turned visible again - and it's really hard to select as well. The only way was to "Select all similar" and then to make all invisible. After that, I made visible just the brackets on the piano staves. Subsequently, I tried an alternative: delete the verse 4 lyrics, select the offending bracket, mark it invisible, save and close the file. On re-opening the file, the bracket is visible again. Definitely a bug.

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