Audio Sources for Online Scores

• Nov 22, 2017 - 18:11

For the past month, I've been posting occasional updates to a score, and since I use soundfonts that aren't supported by the website, I currently make a .wav file, upload it to SoundCloud, and then paste the link to that in the score description. I have to do this since all the site accepts is a YouTube video, which I only want to use to put finished pieces and actual recordings of my music, not project updates. Is there any way to integrate more audio sources (SoundCloud, .wav/.mp3 file uploads, etc.) into the website so that I don't have to use a third party platform for people to listen to my music?


Sure - simply check the "Upload score audio" box in the dialog when using Save Online from within MuseScore and the audio from your chosen soundfont is used online already.

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No, the original request was just about using non-default soundfonts. That is supported using the method we described, and it still works. Sow when said it is not available any more, that is incorrect - the method that was available in the past remains available.

What you ask about now is something else, but is possible also, see the ability to specify alternate audio sources. But that’s a feature of the score sharing website, so if you have fury ear questions about that feature, you’d need to ask them over there on that site.

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Correct. But you originally wrote "this tool are not avaiable anymore", erroneously suggesting that there is something that used to work but doesn't not. And once again, since you are talking about the score sharing website, you really should be having the discussion over there on that site. There's really nothing to be gained by discussing here it here.

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