Musescore 2.1 goes into install mode and hangs after recent windows 10 update

• Dec 1, 2017 - 15:49

'preparing to install' hang when trying to start Musescore2 after yesterdays windows 10 update.


Thank you for reporting this problem. Did you try to uninstall and reinstall MuseScore again?

Alternatively you could also check for MuseScore in the windows store. It's a free download.

i have exactly the same issue since the Fall Creators update. Uninstalling/Reinstalling - or dwonloading from Windows Store produce the same effect. After installation and after clicking Finish, then starting the application leads to 'installing' and the message keeps frozen... "Windows Installer" -- Preparing Installation. See attached screenshot.

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I have installed the Windows Creators Update (Windows10 version 1709) on a spare laptop and there it seems to work. No idea whether someone did anything about the issue and if I can safely now install the Windows Creators Update on my main laptop ....

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