Does it work on a raspberry pi 2/3?

• Dec 10, 2017 - 21:08

I was considering if this sheet music editor could work on a raspberry pi 2/3, with a reduced touch screen connected(3.5 or 5 inches). I am thinking on portability, considering the port to android a little too far.
I don't own a raspberry to try to install and use musescore.


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¿Which is the minimum size you would recommend for a touch screen? Maybe with a mini wireless keyboard incorporated could be possible to create sheet music. It's a pity that there is no android version. A little while I installed Gnu root debian on android,an musescore on it, but it didn't launch.

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If you want, you can try the experimental ARM build for version 3.5 here:
They should run on a Linux system installed on an armhf (ARM-v7 with hard float) and an arm64 architecture (ARM 64 bits), respectively. I think the Raspberry pi 2B is arm-v7, but I don't know if it supports hard floats; you can try the "armhf" build. Note that also the ARM version for 2.0.3 linked by Jojo would require the same armhf architecture.

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From what I found, it seems that Raspberry pi 2 does indeed support armhf.

I think you could try Debian armhf.

Otherwise, I think you can maybe also use Ubuntu, by installing the server version for Raspberry pi 2 from here:
and then installing one of the Desktop GUIs, following for example the instructions here:

If you manage to make it work, please let us know if any of the suggested (by me or by Jojo) images works. Thank you.

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