opening multiple scores at once

• Dec 13, 2017 - 17:57

When I open one single score-file in Windows, the program MS opens (with the score) as it should.
But when I try to open several scores simultaneously, I kan open only one at a time because MS takes the focus every time after opening one score so that I must change manually the focus to Windows-Explorer every time to open the next one.
Making a (contiguous) multiple selection, does not help: MS opens only one score at a time .
Can I change the MS-settings somewhere to avoid this unpleasant side-effect? (or the Windows settings maybe)
I have not been able to find anything about this in the manual or on the forum


Why use Windows Explorer to open files in MuseScore? Why not just open them direct from MuseScore?

But for the record, if you do happen to have Explorer open, simply multi-select the file before invoking MuseScore. But I also don't know what you mean about MuseScore taking focus; it doens't for me. Works just fine to click files in Explorer one at a time. Could be differences in our settings within Windows. Or maybe different versions - I am using MuseScore 2.1 on Windows 10. might bgave behaved differently in earlier versions of either?

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To begin with: my mother tongue is Dutch
A large part of my English texts comes from "Google translate"
Excuse me if I'm not always so clear

It is indeed the easiest thing to open files from MS but as you have already understood the windows explorer is usually open, hence ..

With the window that has the "focus" I mean the window that is in front and that receives the instructions from the mouse and the keyboard
For example, if I want to open 10 files, I have to shift (manually) 9 times the focus to windows explorer, because MS has opened only one file and however the program is at the forefront
(Like I said: multiselect is not an option: MS opens only one file, the first of the selection)
I also have windows 10 and MS 2.1
I have only had this problem for a few months
That is why I think the settings have been changed (unintentionally?)
Before that, I could open (from windows explorer) several MS files at the same time, such as Word docs and others

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Are you sure Marc? Double clicking a file in Windows explorer will open MuseScore with the file and windows explorer loses the focus.
I would be very surprised that on your PC WIndows explorer keeps the focus and that if you want to begin to work in MuseScore you have to give the focus to MuseScore first.
But, anyway, that is the standard and expected behaviour of any application in Windows, there is certainly nothing to change to that.

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Yes I am sure. On my system, if MuseScore is already running and minimized, it remains so when opening files from Explorer. I have this set to happen in single click, not double - maybe that's the difference? And if I select 10 files in Explorer before giving the command to open them (eg, hitting Enter), then all 10 open in MuseScore, and Explorer retains the focus. MuseScore icon at bottom of screen flashesbutnthat is the only thing it does.

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<< I have this set to happen in single click, not double - maybe that's the difference? >>

Probably because for me right click select open or double click both "activate" MuseScore, hiding Windows explorer.
How do you set it to happen on single click?
And, by the way, if single click opens the file in explorer, how do you do to just select the file when you don't want to open it?

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The way to tell Explorer to use single click to open files is via the Options menu in that program. I think some Windows installations even ask you this in the startup wizard because it is such a common customization to want to make. As you'll see if you enable the option, you can hover over a file name and get a checkbox, also right click selects and allows for quick multi-select - lots of ways of getting the job done.

Anyhow, I can't guarantee this is why things work differently for me than for others, but it seems plausible. If not that, then probably some other Explorer setting.

If you refer to open scores' in' MuseScore the only option is View/Side by side
On MuseScore. com you can open several scores in new windows...

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