PDF-export doesn't work

• Dec 15, 2017 - 08:05

Operating System: Mac OS 10.10
MuseScore 2.1.0

Exporting image files (PDF) produces strange results (see Telemann-Allegro1).
It should be like Allegro2.
In order to achieve version 2 I first saved an svg-file opened it in Adobe Illustrator an than saved it as PDF. I'd prefer to generate PDF directly from MuseScore.

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Could you give steps to reproduce, how you did export the Pdf-file?

(via file->export..., or via the image capture tool and right click->save as..., or via file->"save selection..." before, or other?)

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OpenSuse Leap 42.1 (Linux). PDF Export works as expected.

I remember on another discussion concerning the size of PDF files and Mac. Maybe this is another but similar issue?

Maybe someone in the forum with Mac should check the PDF export of the image capture tool.

Or check out, if you've the same result with a nightly of 2.2 or 3.0.

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I assume it works fine when exporting the score via File / Export, and that the problem is only with the Image Capture tool? Does it work OK if you export as PNG or SVG? I wasn't even aware PDF was an option for this tool, but I wouldn't recommend using that over PNG or SVG.

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I believe it came up from the German forums discussion: https://musescore.org/de/node/267548.

In summary it was about using scalable graphic formats with InDesign: The DTP program InDesign has no native import filter of SVG files (you've to convert it with another program before to have a readable format (for example as EPS file). PNG files are not scalable - not the best solution in Desktop publishing.

There isn't a export filter of eps files inside MuseScore. I'm not an expert, but far as I know EPS was take over from/replaced with PDF.

Maybe you've some other thoughts/inspirations (concerning your experiences with typesetting "Mastering MuseScore") , but have in mind it's probably about the import of a scalable graphic format in InDesign.

Above: the PDF export with Mac should work in the same way as in Windows/Linux. Concerning the size of PDFs with Mac the reason is the QT-Version (#64871: fonts are not embedded in the PDF on Mac, leading to much larger files). Maybe it's here a similar reason (only an assumption)?

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Hallo! The export via File/Export (PDF) works - even if the files generated in this way a far bigger than files under Windows/Linux. But the image Capture Tool doesn't work at all with PDF. PNG and SVG work, but the SVG-Files can't be used in InDesign. The PNG-files work only with very high resolution which leads to huge files. In the context of InDesign PDFs are simply the best. Currently I can generate PDF-files only by opening svg-files in Illustrator an then saving them as PDF.

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