D.C./D.S./Coda incompatibility?

• Dec 20, 2017 - 01:19

I recently came upon an issue where I could not set a D.C. and To Coda in the same measure. I could place them, but they would not function properly. (There's an overlapping D.S. there as well, but I don't think that's the problem.) The Da Capo and Dal Segno both functioned as expected, but the To Coda command was ignored. A simple workaround of placing the To Coda one measure earlier and duplicating the following measure in the Coda worked fine, but it seems unnecessary.

Is it possible to have both D.C. and To Coda functioning in the same measure? If so, how do I trigger this? (Perhaps in the play count in the inspector?) If it's not possible, it's not a big deal, but I would ideally have liked to use the same measure as the trigger point for both commands.



As with any perceived 'unexpected' or 'wishful' behavior of the MuseScore software, an attachment of the mscz file along with a description of what you want to accomplish, and what happens instead will allow a 'customized' response to your particular issue.
Other than that, it's a guessing game, as no person here knows the 'precise' problem.


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I've been out all day, and off to a four-hour rehearsal in a few minutes, but here's a quick example of what I'm experiencing.

Essentially, the issue has been covered in the responses so far - it does not appear that two kinds of jumps function from the same measure. As I mentioned above, there is a workaround that avoids the issue, but those reading the score would find it odd. If I move the To Coda to another measure the jump is performed. D.C._D.S_Test.mscz


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Oops! That's what happens when I try to do too many things at once. (Rehearsal was a bust, too) The Coda belongs in the second last measure... in which case, it is necessary, but not possible.

The piece SHOULD have the following structure:
M1-2 INTRO, 3-4 VERSE (repeated), 5-7 CHORUS
Da Capo INTRO, VERSE (no repeat), CHORUS, 8-10 BRIDGE
JUMP TO CODA from M7 to M 11

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Thanks for the link. This is precisely what I did in the score which prompted this thread. (not the masterpiece test piece I posted above)

While it is certainly possible in traditional type-set music to have different jump-points from the same measure, I can see how scoring software can find it problematic.


By excluding the error portion of the software:

I would like to see a practical example of this.

Why? : if both they are the same measure, Usually "DC" or "DS" don't need "to coda", (Just "DC" or "DS" is enough). Otherwise, there are measures that aren't played.

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