Irregular layout of vocal score with 2-over-3

• Dec 22, 2017 - 21:00
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I've entered Schubert's second piece of "The schöne Müllerin", see here

The piano accompaniment are basically 16th-triplets over two straight 16th in the voice stave.
I discovered, that the triplets are laid out in an irregular manner, in the above mentioned situation.
It would also be feasible to have possibility to lay out syllables which cover two 16th (pr 32th) in a centered manner instead of spending extra space for the underscore.
Please check, whether the layout improvements in musescore 3 already improve the situation in my score or consider to implement some remedies for my problems.

Regards and thanks in advance, Wolfgang

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Indeed, the default layout of the sextuplets is normal and correct in this case - the sixteenth in the top staff needs to fit between two of the sextuplet sixteenths in the boom staff in order to be musically correct. If you are OK with them overlapping - and most editors would be - that is indeed what the "local relayout" option is for.

Hello Jojo and Marc,

Thanks for your answers and pointing me to the local relayout option.
Just to get it right, I did not claim, that musescore did anything wrong with my score, I just wanted to discuss, whether it might be possible to improve the default layout for this particular solution.
Local relayout seem to be a good option for the 4-over-6 or 2-over-3 problem, I will go with this.
How shall we proceed with syllables covering two short notes, which act as a written-out ornament? (In my score the frequent 16th-pairs, see the extreme example "be-rauscht_" in the attached screenshot)
I'd really love to see the syllable just centered between two notes as already discussed earlier in this thread:
Shall we open a new discussion or might this request be eligible as a feature for musescore 3, in which case I would open a new, separate issue?