"Control+Space" for inserting Space into a Chord doesn't work on Mac

• Dec 24, 2017 - 21:27
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

I have been told that Control+Space is a shortcut for inserting Space characters into certain text objects, the chord symbols in particular.

On the Mac, the use of Control is supposed to be replaced by the use of the Command key, However, the Command+Space combination on macOS defaults to invoking the system wide Spotlight Search feature. Because the key combination is intercepted by the OS, it has no effect on Muse.

Even if you choose the undesirable choice of modifying the shortcut for Spotlight, macOS still fetches Command+Space for use in changing the choice of Keyboard Input Source, and so still does not pass the key combination to the Muse app.

And I'm told that there is no way in Muse to remap this space-insertion feature as there is for other Shortcuts under Preferences. So I was advised to open an Issue.

Frankly, if Muse could simply use the true "Control" key on macOS rather than switch to the use of the Command key, this problem might go away, since the Control key has much less use on macOS than Command.

If I can help in any other ways, please let me know.