Crashing upon exporting audio file

• Dec 30, 2017 - 05:38

Hello, I've been having trouble exporting my pieces to audio files such as wav. ogg. mp3. flac. and all the other possible types of files. My computer is working very well other than this bug and this problem just started about a week ago. As of before this, I have been able to easily export all my pieces to audio without musescore crashing repetedly. Everytime it says: Windows C++ closing runtime error. shutting down the application... and then it says it is a problem with the software, not the system. I have run troubleshooting with the system of my computer through it's applications and the computer works seemingly fine. I tried to reinstall musescore twice and neither fixed the problem along with troubleshooting like restarting my computer, ending the musescore task and deleting excess cache that could be affecting the performance of my computer. However none of this works so I need help exporting my music to notation. Note I have been exporting perfectly fine for a year now and this problem just popped up. I don't have to restart to Musescore's factory settings however because I haven't changed any settings. I have changed soundfonts, but they have always worked until now for some reason. thanks. :) The_Capture_of_Barahir.mscz The_Capture_of_Barahir.mscz

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Reinstalling MuseScore rarely fixes problems. What does often fix sudden problems is to Revert to factory settings found under the help menu. This is usually the last thing I will tell someone to try, but too many others have had their system suddenly starting to crash being fixed by this.

Even if you haven't consciously changed any settings, MuseScore saves its state in a number of ways and if something went wrong somewhere along the line, that could possibly explain the crashing, and the revert to factory settings would likely set things right.

So try it, and if it doesn't, please say what version of MuseScore, what version of Windows, and give precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem. Eg,

1) load score
2) File / Export
3) change file type to WAV
4) make sure filename now reads "The_Capture_of_Barahir.wav"
4) hit Save

This is how it would normally be done and it works fine for me with your attached score.

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