Rhythm input mode and ties

• Jan 10, 2018 - 16:36


Sometimes I want to use rhythm input mode but find it difficult to write tied notes over the barline when tied notes are not the same length, for example half note before barline and eighth note after. Do I have to add ties manually afterwards?



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A dotted quarter is the wrong value... 3 eighths. A half + eighth = 5 eighths. There is no single or dotted (or double-dotted or triple-dotted for that matter) note worth 5 eighths. Inserting ties afterwards seems to be indeed the only option if there is no note of that duration.

If you want to write e.g. a quarter before the barline and an eighth after, then indeed you can use a dotted quarter. See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/layout-and-formatting#regroup-rhythms This works in reverse in note entry so that a duration longer than what is left of the bar will automatically become a tied note across the barline.


I would create a post to adress that. It pretty usual to have note of different values tied together.

In fact, I've figured out that in Step Mode you can do that. If you want to tie to an eight to a quarter, you can enter the eight, change to the quarter and press + (tie shortcut).

This can't be achieved in Rhythm Mode, because as soon as you hit the new value, that value is added (which is the point of the mode, after all). I think the tie command could have a custom behaviour in this mode, waiting for the tie note value, instead of adding a default tied note of the same value, since, as stated above, it is common to have note of different values tied. It there a formal way to adress that request, in case there is no other way to accomplish this?

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