Unison of 2 notes of different duration

• Jan 13, 2018 - 16:19

Hi! The question is - how to make a visible unison of, for example, a prolongued eighth note and a sixteenth note (as it is in the Nutcracker's ouverture, for example)? Using the option 'voices' I can make it with an eighth note and a sixteenth note but I cannot do this with a prolongued (dotted) eighth note and a sixteenth note (they appear as different notes on the same line)


But note, the usual / correct notation if the durations are notated differently (eg, one dotted and the other not, or different notehead types) is to show both noteheads on the same line. There are a few very special situations where the rules of music notation allow for shared noteheads even though the durations are notated differently. i would advise against doing this unless you are familiar with these rules and are positive that your particular context qualifies as an exception.

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