Undoing auto coloring of specific notes

• Jan 24, 2018 - 23:26

Last week I created a few measures of a two piano score. I was wanting to make piano #1 one color and piano #2 another color (as in primo and secondo on the same page, one under the other). Not only was I unsuccessful in doing so, but I inadvertently created the problem that when I open an empty score to write a new score having nothing to do with last week's score (example attached) certain notes get a color other than black. If I try to change the color of those specific notes in the Inspector to black, the Inspector will not change them. Whatever I error I made in last week's score now automatically carries over to any new scores I try to create.

What do I need to do to have all black notes on future new scores?

Thank you.

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You have done nothing except enter notes out of the range of the instruments, in this case voices. You can do one of two things

  1. Right click each staff and change both the amateur and professional ranges, this will only affect those staves...ever

  2. Use the menu Edit->Preferences... and in the Note Input staff remove the check from "Color notes outside of usable pitch range" which will affect all scores you display in your copy of MuseScore until you change it. Others will see colored notes if they have this checked.

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