Chord text disappears after font size change. Save/Reload shows the chords still there, but font size unchanged.

• Jun 27, 2014 - 05:00

Subject pretty much sez all.

I right-click on a chord text element, select Text Properties, change font size.

Sometimes, the font size changes, sometimes the chord text becomes invisible. A save/restore of the project shows that the "disappearance" was apparent only; the chord text is still there, albeit w/o a size change.

I also tried selecting all similar (chord text) and applying the font size change to all selected elements; doesn't work.


Also, when you select the Chordname and the box appears, unless you then select "all" (Ctrl-a), the program doesn't understand that you want to change the actual text in the box so it will not change.

Yes, text properties doesn't work on chord symbols well, because chord symbols are treated very specially. They aren't plain text, but specially-processed text to allow various formatting tricks. The way to control the basic size for chord symbols is the Text Style, which controls font/size for all chord symbols in the score together. So you can change font/size for all chords, but you can't really have mixed fonts/sizes within a score. Not sure if that was your goal or not, but the only way to do that will be to enter some as plain text rather than true chord symbols.

For 2.0, pretty much everything having to do with chord symbols will be simplified / improved, but you still won't be able to run Text Properties on them - that option will simply be disabled. You will, however, be to assign alternate text styles to individual chord symbols, so you can have mixed sizes / fonts if you like.

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