Using the add note-name noteheads plugin

• Jan 28, 2018 - 06:02

How to utilize this plugin? I've downloaded it to the desktop and need to know how to create parts for keyboard beginners with note names inside the noteheads. Thanks.


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12 March
sorry for the delay...
a. I have been playing guitar since the early 70's... I'm new to piano. I would " expect " the in putting of notes to have the option of being labeled ( I don't need the whole measure to be lettered... just one note or a few notes that are outside of the C position of 12345 or 54321...

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Which plugin are you trying to install? Assuming you are using the current version of MuseScore (2.1), it should be this one: And the installation instructions are in the link above. So again, at which step of the installation instructions are you having trouble, and what is the exact text of the error message that appears?

Once you've successfully installed the plugin, you run it via Plugins / Notes / Add Named Noteheads. First select the notes you want named (Ctrl+A to do everything), then run the plugin. Up pops a dialog with a bunch of options and further instructions. You may find you need to adjust the vertical offset of the noteheads as explained in the dialog, it will depend on other settings in your score.

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Once again, please read the instructions and tell exactly at which step of the instructions the error appears. That is, I am asking to you tell us the precise text of the text sentence in the instructions that you are trying to follow when you run into problems. It sounds to me like you are probably ignoring the instructions and instead are doing something else entirely, like maybe trying to simply double-click on the QML file from within Explorer, which is not something the instructions mention at all. So don't try double-clicking the file in the Explorer. Instead, do what the instructions say, nothing more, nothing less. And if something goes wrong, tell us exactly which step of the instructions isn't going the way you expect.

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I went to google and typed... How to name notes inside of note heads. And this showed up


I didn't read any instructions of how to do it I saw the zip file and right clicked it ( as you stated ).

I'm not ignoring the instructions on " how to name notes inside of note heads " I would like to find it.
if you could please type the specific question to search the handbook on " how to name notes inside of note heads " I would do it...

if you want to end the conversation ask me to read the instructions again.
and thank you for your assistance

I've been using this plugin for a while and I must say, it's brilliant!
I love it! One thing though I need to adjust for best use.
I am from Poland and polish music alphabetic notation uses "H" instead of "B", so the C Major scale is: C D E F G A H C.
Where should I change the code, to get "H" instead of "B"?
I would be most grateful for the hint!
Keep up the great work and thank you very much!

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