Musical Text Font changes revert to Emmentaler Text

• Jan 30, 2018 - 01:49

I am running Musescore 2.1.0 on a Windows 10 machine.

I'm trying to change my Musical Text Font to MuseJazz. I go to Style->General->Score and change the musical text font to Musejazz. Click Apply and Ok. This doesn't seem to have any effect on the Titles, Subtitles, chord symbols, etc... All text stays in FreeSerif.

Are my expectations wrong here?

Ian Schwartz
Ottawa, Canada


Indeed, the elements you refer to are controlled by their own individual text styles. The general music text font is for other score elements not controlled by individual text styles.

Generally, rather than create a score using a different style and then changing the style, better to just use one of the Jazz templateswhen you first create your score - then all the relevant style settings are already made. Or, if you have a score created in the past that you wish to convert, do a Save Style from a score created from the template, and load that template into your old score. You may also need need to reset your existing text elements to the style default using the Inspector.

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Thank you very much for your excellent suggestion about saving the Jazz template as a style. Do you know if there is any way to make this the default? I want to do this because when I create a new score using the "Choose Instruments" template and then load the new MuseJazz template I created, the title and instruments still display with the default FreeSerif font.

Incidentally, exactly what elements does the general music text font affect?

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The above controls what score gets opened on startup. To control what style gets used when creating new scores from within MuseScore, see Edit / Preferences / Score.

Also, be aware you can create your own templates. Unless you are literally writing for different instrumentation for every score, there shouldn't be need to use Choose Instruments often. If your usual group is a quintet, start from the Jazz Combo template, remove the unneeded staves, maybe make other adjustments to page and staff size, then save to your Templates folder. Now your template will be available int he Create New Score wizard (may need to restart MuseScore before it shows up).

As for what is affected by the "musical text font", mostly its about things like the symbols within the Special Characters palette when creating other text elements.

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