How to sign in musescore 2.0 in order to use pro features

• Feb 6, 2018 - 20:18


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From the page for your score on, click the Download button. You should see "PDF including Parts" as one of the options. This will be the case only if your score actually has parts, though - did you already create these via File / Parts from within MuseScore? You need to do that first. And this doesn't require a Pro account, doesn't even require you to use at all. It's just a normal feature of the free software.

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@Belinda, fortunately Marc can explain better what and how to do.
But if I can afford....If you are here, it's because music is one of your interests. Maybe you sing or play an instrument. Maybe it's natural for you but probably you've studied or tried and tried again.
So take a little time to get acquainted with the software
and take a look at the handbook

Indeed, it seems you might be a little confused.

MuseScore = the notation program you download onto your computer - is 100% free software. There are no special features you need to pay for. Everything that is there - including the ability to generates parts from your score via File / Parts - is available to everyone at no charge. is a web site where you can share scores with others. There is indeed a Pro account for that web site that unlocks certain features on the web site. That is, a Pro account in no way whatsoever changes anything about the MuseScore software on your computer. The software is already completely fully-functional. Only the website gets better if you sign up for a Pro account, with the features you lsited. Most of those features are only relevant if you actually upload scores to the web site (eg, using File / Save Online from within the MsueScore software on your computer). So if you haven't uploaded any scores, then there won't be much different to see.

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