Very odd placement of the dot

• Feb 10, 2018 - 23:26

The problem is with dotted quarter and half notes. Please check out the screen shot to see what I mean.
I arranged a piece in D:, and subsequently transposed it into Db:. All was well in D:, but some parts had the dots to the right, but slightly above the note heads, not directly next to them as they should. And, not for every note, just some. I cannot move the dot back into place.
I have never seen this occur before.
Thanks for any ideas!

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All the misplaced dots have altered offsets as seen in Inspector. Right-click Seelct >All Similar Elements and then press [Ctrl] r to reset them to default positions.

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Was this score in your hands at all times, or was it ever edited by anyone else? If the latter, then the answer is probably the other person did something. If you were the only one, well, the answer is that you must have done something inadvertently. Basically. it appears you must have somehow selected the dots at some point and accidentally hit the vertical offset control in the Inspector. It could be you were trying to select the notes and then changed your mind and somehow left the dots selected. Hard to say without a time machine to go back and watch over your shoulder. But this shouldn't happen on its own. Remotely possible there is an as-yet-unreported bug that caused it to happen.

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No, no one has touched this but me. Me doing something inadvertently is always a good possibility, but I am learning something every day!
As to the inspector, I do not know how it works, never having used it, but that is now on my agenda to learn.
My only hypothesis was that I transposed the key from D: to Db:. I often do this, and there is usually something that just doesn't look right and that I have to fix. Usually minor adjustments and never in the dots. I hope that helps?
Thanks as always for all the help you and the others give so graciously.
Regards, Scott

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Here's another guess, then: do you ever try moving up up and down with the mouse? It's not a good idea in general although it does more or less do what would be expected at least some of the time (there's always a better way). There do seem to be certain cases where if you have both the note and the dot selected, and you hold Shift while you drag, you end up in a situation like this because the dot moves with the note and then again because you are actually dragging it separately.

Moral: don't drag notes - the arrow keys are the better way to change pitch (with Alt+Shift to do so diatonically). And if you do drag notes, be sure to have only the notehead selected, not anything attached to it. Dragging notes is problematic in that the offsets of things attached to the notes - like dots - becomes difficult to compute if you are also dragging them.


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I've been observing this conversation trying to understand what you might have done. Transposing the notes has no effect on the dots at all. The dots moved up and down are rather random. The dots are all misplaced starting at measure 21. Very strange because the offsets are not at an interval that you could accidentally click the buttons next to the vertical offset in the inpspector to make the numbers. It is not possible to move such a random group of elements any amount with a single command. This only way I can see this happening is that you used copy and paste at some point, but that doesn't make a lot of sense considering where how randomly the dots are moved.

I noticed this is the piccolo part of a larger score. How did you create this part? from a larger score? Did you use File->Parts and then Save as... the part? If so, are the dots displaced in the larger score? Are any others?

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I did copy and paste some of the duplicated parts within the score.Yes, I saved the part as you set it out above. And, yes, the dots were sprinkled in among the other parts, too [since fixed].
I have copied and pasted many many times before, but never has this occurred. Odd.

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