Copy notes + volta,segno etc.

• Feb 11, 2018 - 20:58

Dear musescore useres,

that's maybe a simple question, but nevertheless it's bothering me.
I simply want to copy my first staff out of three with all volta, segno signs, coda and repeat signs to a new document.

Select first to last note in staff 1 + CTRL+C + CTRL+V.

Marking all notes I want to copy just doesn't mark all thing I want to. Text, chord symbols or lyrics on the other hand work fine.

Even marking all with CTRL+A won't mark everything.

How do I get these signs to be marked and copied?

Best regards,


"I simply want to copy my first staff out of three ... to a new document."

If you want to put what you describe into a new score, you can select that section of music and use Save selection... from the file menu. This is very limited in its capabilities because you cannot append other sections to the new score in a similar manner. This is literally what you asked for and perhaps it will help.

It is indeed deliberate that these don't copy, because the vast majority of the time, you wouldn't want them to.
Can you describe your use case here?

If you are trying to generate a part from a full score, don't use copy & paste - use File / Parts. Or if you are trying to start a new simplified score based on this one, don't start with a blank one - start by making a copy of this one, then remove the staves you don't need.

thanks for all your comments. Helped a lot.
I would say it is a missing feature.

To address the use case. I'm currently into plugin programming and it simply would help a lot if I'd be able to copy the thing I want to to save them (plugin programming often chrashes musescore) or for plugin testing and so on. It's basically convenience.

Best regards,

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