Uploading scores with sf2 soundfont

• Feb 19, 2018 - 16:08

Hello! I currently finished a score after working a few weeks on it, and I am pretty proud of how it sounds on the Omega soundfont (OmegaGMGS2.sf2). However, if I try to upload the score on the MuseScore website, it uploads the score as if the soundfont never existed, and uploads with the default "Fluid" soundfont, which makes the score sound pretty bad. I have the Omega soundfont saved the score and set as default to my score, but that doesn't seem to affect the sound's outcome when uploaded. I know similar questions have been asked but I haven't yet seen a clear-cut answer. Any suggestions and/or tips? Thanks in advance.



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I have tried this too, but I constantly get an error message when trying this.
I work with Musescore 2.1, I can export mp3s from Musescore, and I use a different soundfont. Could the problem be that I have more than one soundfonts in my synthesizer even if the standard one is not the first on the list? The export works, but the upload doesn't.
When using this functionality, does Musescore actually use the mp3 data, or does it interpret the mscz file?
Thanks in advance for your advice.

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