Which trumpet mutes are most used?

I'm making a soundfont and I have soundfonts several types of mutes. I don't want to put all them in, so which two kinds of mutes are used the most?


I don't know the answer, but I do know there are some more pieces of info needed to give you an answer.

What instrument and what kind of music are you making the sound font for?

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For trumpets:, I think the most common are the hard (or "straight"), and "cup" mutes.

For horns: the "stopped", and "con sordino" mutes. The latter is a hard mute.

For trombones: the hard (or "straight") and "cup" mutes.

You have a good reference for these effects, including links to audio demostrations, in http://andrewhugill.com/OrchestraManual/trumpets.html

I look forward to your soundfont, if you make it publicily available!

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