Changing line spacing on text wrap

• Feb 21, 2018 - 05:50

I would LOVE to simply wrap the text Horns and Bassoons. However, the wrapped spacing is a little too far apart. Is there a way to reduce the white space in the wrapped text without tinkering with actual music staff spacing?

You're looking at a work in process. The piano is added for the visual file that will accompany the book. The audio file contains all the instruments. I hide and mute as needed when finishing the piece. In the past, I've wrote two texts and placed them close together. A wrapped text is ideal, if I can get the wrap closer together....


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That's EXACTLY what I want!

But I don't know how you did it. Control T puts a boxed question mark inside the text box. Highlighting the text deletes the text and inserts the boxed question mark. Would you give me the steps slowly? I'm teachable, but you gotta break it down for me.

Oops! Now I see. Control T opens a new text box. You are creating a text box for each line that can be spaced as I need it. Yep! I've done that in the past. If that's the solution, that's good to know. I was wondering if there was a wrap setting I could adjust.

Thanks, Shoichi. You verified my way of doing isn't all that unusual. :)

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I don't understand; this shouldn't be true at all and isn't for me. In the attached example, if I select the text

Horns and

and then reduce the font size, the line spacing definitely gets smaller in proportion. The spacing is fixed according to the parameters of the font itself; changing to another font does change the spacing. most word processors do give fine control over line spacing, and that's one of many things MuseScore could eventually consider adding (along with word wrap, justification, bullets, paragraph styles, etc).

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