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Correction on my earlier message. The question is as follows; in a choir accompanied by another instrument, it can happen that there is a solo part for the instrument, so the choir does not sing, this can take several measures.

Is it possible to marc the measures, for instance 12 measures, very short with a black line in the centre plus indicating the number of measures.

I hopeI made myself clear.



If you use the menu file->parts to create parts this is the default for any multi-measure rest. If you want it on the same page as the solo, this is not possible and would be most unusual for a printed score.

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Thanks mike320, yes you're right if the solo and the different choir voices are on the same page, it does not make sens. However on the choir partition, the solo instrument is not written, so for us choir members it might take a lot of space.
So as I mentioned, and I have seen it, the solo, instrument measure are indicated as 1 measure with a thick black line in the centre plus the number of measures played by the solo. Is this possible with musescore.

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Yes, it is, as mike320 mentioned, by using multimeasure rests, which are enabled by default on parts anyway, but can get toggled on part and score using M

You can have choir and solo instrument in one score, and create a part with choir, put not via the automatic 'New all', instead with 'New', naming it e.g. "Choir" and selecting S, A, T, and B or S+A and T+B as the 'instruments' to use in that part. This is what I'm doing a lot.

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I will clarify what I said above, if you make parts using the menu File->parts then select the button "New All" then OK without doing anything else, you will get a part tab for each part you can look at. The default display is the multi-measure rest you are describing. If you have individual measure rests being displayed, press M to change between multi-measure rests and measure rests.

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To clarify though - you should not even need to do that in the part, since multimeasure rests are turned on automatically. This assumes you are actually using parts correctly - did you generate it via File / Parts? if you tried creating a separate score then copying and pasting, that won't work nearly as well in many other respects as well.

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Yes, as noted, this does the trick if you created your parts individually in the first palce, but my point is, that's not normally the right way to do things, so most likely you will have other problems that stem from not starting with the score. Unless you are very deliberately creating only single individually parts that you have no intention of every using together in any way, in which case, never mind. But if you are entering parts for a single piece one at a time, there are many things that will go wrong that can be prevented by doing things more correctly in the first place. Can you explain more about your use case here?

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