How to set a 12/4 rhythm for a certain tact?

• Feb 23, 2018 - 15:54

You can set a certain tact to have one of 12 possible ways of rhythm, but how to set a custom rhythm, such as 12/4?

PS: Sorry if anything written above doesn't have much sence, I rarely use such words in english...


Your question is not real clear so I will answer two ways.

First, you always need to create a 12/4 time. To do this, press shift+T to bring up the Time Signature master palette so you can create the time signature and set the proper beaming for shorter notes.

If you want to change the entire score to 12/4 then drag this time signature to the measure it starts and all of the time signatures will be set to 12/4.

If you want only a single instrument to be set to 12/4, it will depend on what the other time signatures are. See for different possibilities. Feel free to ask questions if it does not make sense.

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