Changing time signature to non-standard values

• Feb 28, 2018 - 16:04

I have liturgical music that changes time signatures to odd values inline. For instance, I can set the initial value to 10/4, but there is a place where it changes to 9/4 for 1 measure, then 13/4 for 1 measures, then back to 10/4. I look at the tab for signatures and there are only standard values, and I don't see a way to enter non-standard values. How do I do this? It's incredibly important to my Eastern Orthodox music!

Thank you!

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IMHO, since there are no time signatures present, the best way to do this is using measure properties and changing the actual durations of the measures. Right click the measure and select Measure Properties, you will see the actual duration on the left side.

Go to View-Master Palette-Time Signatures and add the signature you want and drag it from there to any measure. Addditionally, you can add frequently used signatures to your own custom palette for a quicker access.

You can use at start many measures with usual 4\4 (and optional 3\4), and \ or join\split it via Menu|Edit|Measure|Split \ Join measures after inserting notes. You can assign hot-keys on this actions. Also you can delete via Ctrl+Delete unnecessary short (or with pauses) measures after splitting.

And for this type music you can try option in Menu|Style|Score|Display note values across measure bar.

Once you start writing the score, each time you want to change the time signature, click on the measure you'd like to change the time signature and press shift+t. That will allow you to change the time signature for the rest of the sheet so you will have to re change after that one.

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