How to separate soundfonts to different scores?

• Mar 25, 2018 - 18:54

I am trying to use the Cave Soundfont for one score. Whenever I put it on the Synthesizer, it affects all other scores, which I don't like. Is there any way to put one SoundFont on one score and another SoundFont on the other score? (For example, putting Cave Story SoundFont on only one score and using the standard SoundFont for all other scores)


You can save to score in the synthesizer, but MuseScore will only open one score's soundfont(s) at a time. If these two scores will always be open at the same time then you can open both scores soundfonts, note the order of the sound fonts and use the first occurence of the sound for the score that has the first listed soundfont and the second occurrence for the second score. Otherwise you may consider downloading a nightly and using a nightly for one your scores. Make sure to get a 2.2 nightly the Master nightlies are quite unstable. You can continue with the nightly even after you upgrade to 2.2 when it comes out in a couple of days and it will be almost exactly the same as a recent 2.2 nightly.

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