Measure stretching

• Mar 30, 2018 - 02:57

I was redoing my Finlandia project for piano and the measures got stretched out.

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If you post your score, we can help you out better.

I'm sure you are aware that you can reset stretch by:

  1. Select all measures via Ctrl->A
  2. Go to Layout menu and select "Reset Layout Stretch"

And I'm sure you can tighten particular measures by selecting those two measures and going to Layout -> Reduce Layout Stretch, or by pressing "{".

But I think the reason why that measure takes up the entire width of the page is because it and the next measure aren't able to fit together within the single width of the page.

If you absolutely do want those measures to fit on a page, you might try redcuing the spatium by going to Layout->Page Settings and reducing the "Staff space (sp)" value. But that will make everything in your score smaller.

You can also go to Style->General->Measure and try reducing some of those minimum distances. But that might make your score look cluttered.

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