import midi/wrong key sig/accidentals remain

• Jul 1, 2014 - 20:13

I tried the search function to avoid asking a previously answered question, honest.
I'm a newbie to musecore, but longtime midi user.
I downloaded a midi file (midi1 created in Sonar) and several staves had the wrong key signature (C# instead of Db). I dragged the correct key sig but the notes did not change enharmonic spelling of the new key. I don't want a G# where I need an Ab. I definitely don't want to change each note manually. I played with concert pitch and other blind ideas to no avail.
Anyone have the patience to help me on my first forum post?
thanks in advance,
musescore 1.3


It's usually helpful to include the score you are having trouble with - and in this case, maybe include the MIDI file itself.

Chances are, C# *is* the right key as far as the MIDI file is concerned, but if you wish to change it from that it actually is int he MIDI file - from C# to Db - you are welcome to do so. As you observed, dragging a key signatgure doesn't change the notes. For that, you want Notes->Transpose instead. By transposing from C# to Db, you should get what you want.

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