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• Apr 13, 2018 - 20:27

Hello everyone
I would like to copy/extract the lyrics from the attached file to a text file. But when I use Tools > Copy lyrics to clipboard, I get lots of words from the lyrics but the words aren't in the right order (and some of the words aren't even there). I'm not looking forward to retyping the lyrics by hand. Is there a surefire way to extract the lyrics from the file?
I know that I can probably get very similar lyrics by just Googling for them, but I would prefer to get this file's specific version of the lyrics directly.

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Abschied vom Walde (2 bars) (stem).mscz 22.4 KB


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Aah, yes, I did not realise that that would make a difference. The first nine measures have the lyrics on voice 2 and the rest have them on voice 1. I now see that when I use Tools > Copy lyrics to clipboard it only copies voice 1's lyrics, so the lyrics appear to start in mid-sentence. How did you manage to copy voice 2's lyrics?

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I'm not sure where that info is coming from. This was created and edited in v3.6.2.548020600

But I also determined on closer inspection that all three verses were copied onto one line… three times. Since the line was exceedingly long (line wraps off in my code editor) I only saw the first verse. The others were there, just not separated by a return/newline. All good. Just required some cleanup.


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