Comment, or "Sticky" feature

• Apr 17, 2018 - 22:29

I'd like a way to leave comments on a work in progress, sort of like using a sticky note. For instance, I am working on a choral arrangement of Wayfaring Stranger. It is a lot more complex then anything I have tackled before and, when I get stuck on one part, I often leave it for later and go to some other part. It would be great if there were a way to make notes to myself, reminding me of what I was thinking when I stopped.

Maybe this already exists but I just don't know about it.


There is no actual note tool, but you can make notes in the score yourself. Use staff or system text to remind you what you need to look at. You can then delete it when you are done with it. You have the ability to make custom text styles you can apply in this case. You could make a style called "Note to self" and change the display to be 16 point red bold letters that will be easier to find later. Once you enter the staff or system text, selected it and change the style in the inspector to your new style.

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