Save online updates the wrong score when switching tabs during upload

• Apr 24, 2018 - 12:36

Open 2 scores in MuseScore 2.2.1
Save the first one online
while saving happens switch to the other score
The other score is updated with the first one's online place


Yes, I think to have observed this too, even with 2.1 or maybe even earlier.
The 'source' tag in the 2nd score is replaced/updated with the one from the 1st (the "Save online"ed one), and then on "Save online"ing that 2nd it updates/overwrites the 1st.
Pretty bad thing. Mind to enter that into the issue tracker?

I experienced the exact same issue. Jojo-Schmitz - I discovered your workaround on
which was for a slightly different scenario, but same workaround and included it on the issue tracker:

1) Get the URL of the score that should be uploaded to
2) File -> Score Properties -> source (paste the URL of the score and save)

I logged an issue at
Please confirm that the sequence is correct w.r.t. which overwrites which one's URL.

This Score Properties source field is extremely useful. I have had a .mscz file go out of sync with its online score (same scenario as ; having to upload using the browser-based update score feature) and this re-establishes the link. I thinks a How To or other page would be very beneficial.

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