Prompted to upload a new score when I make a change to it

• Jun 30, 2018 - 17:33

SImply what is happening is that I made a small change to a score I have previously uploaded to MuseScore. However, when I press "Save Online", it shows up as if I were uploading a new score and prompts me to put in a description and everything. Normally it should pop up with the "Changes" box.

Is there a way to fix this? I don't want to delete my score and reupload it.


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When you save a score to your disk the * disappears from after the name in the tab. When you then save it online, the * should appear after the name of the score and you should be prompted to save it before you close it. The reason for the * is that the above mentioned score property has changed. To be able to easily update the score online, save it on your disk after you save it online.

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I don't believe these to be the same case @Jojo. If someone saves the score online, then discards the "change" to their score, MuseScore will not know where to find the online score so it will not be able to replace it without your workaround. Saving the wrong score because you changed tabs in the middle of the save online process it just strange and shouldn't be possible IMHO. I suggest MuseScore simply do what it would do during a long save to the computer - nothing until the save is complete, then it changes tab views. I suspect the latter is probably because the OS freezes MuseScore during save operations. If this is the case, then MuseScore could learn from the OS to prevent such problems, if it's not the OS then MuseScore needs to be consistent.

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