note tails are gone

• Jul 3, 2014 - 19:57


in my arrangement- try of Any Time At All from the Beatles suddenly the note tails disappeared from measure 32 to the end. There are also weird line through the whole arrangement.
What could be wrong with that arrangement?

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Could be corrupted but could just be a problem with beaming. Select all, double-click on the "No beam" icon in the Beaming palette (the little quaver) and then double-click on the Auto beam icon (the capital letter A). Then see how you get on. You will need to go back and manually tweak the beaming in places.

It appears the score has become corrupt starting at measure 31. Just trying to select that measure to delete ends up selecting everything from there to the end. I don't know of a better way out than to just do that then completely that whole passage with Ctrl+Delete and then recreate it from scratch. Maybe someone else can find a less invasive fix?

BTW, I did notice the beaming issues first, but fixing them doesn't seem to fix the more basic corruption.

Thanks for your help. Now i saved the corrupted file as extra copy and deleted in the original file the bars 31 to end. Then i copied the single scores (Soprano, Alto etc.) from 31 to the end from the corrupted file and pasted it in the original file. It seems to work now (see attachment).

How can such weird corruptions happen and is there any way to prevent that?

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Corruptions don't happen often, and if they were easy to predict, theyd be fixed already. The things I know of that can lead to corruption mostly involve copy and paste in fairly unusual situations - copying just a portion of a triplet, certain combinations involving multiple voices on the same staff, and unusual time signatures. Nothing that seems likely here. But if you ever figure it out or catch it in the act of happening, let us know!

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I exported the corrupt file as XML and measure 31 is effectively empty, i.e. lacking in notes or rests. I "grafted" another measure into the XML, re-imported it and deleted the extra measure and it looks OK. A similar situation has been seen before and posted in the Forum but there was no obvious cause on that occasion either, just the corrupt measure selecting everything from that point to the end.

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If you check your corrupted score attachment, there are two barlines placed so close together that they actually hide measure #31. Check the measure number count (27 - 34).
Also, if you look closely, you can see a thicker barline; or you can zoom in and actually click to select each barline separately.

for another instance of two barlines which look as one, hiding a measure between them, with stemless notes following.
I don't know how this happens, but prevention may be to keep an eye out for such 'invisible' measures (slightly thicker barlines with a wrong measure count), especially if you do a lot of copy/paste.


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