How to have an eighth note before a whole note in a 2/2 measure?

• Apr 30, 2018 - 16:30

I need to know how to have an eighth note before a whole note in a 2/2 measure

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Or use the piano roll editor. Right click the staff and select piano roll editor. I don't know of any documentation for it and save a backup of your work before you start using it. It was once know to have catastrophic results on the score at random times. I think this was fixed, but I'd err on the safe side.

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The acciaccatura is too fast according to what standard? That is definitely an acciaccatura in the original score you posted and should be entered as such. Each player decides for himself how fast to play it. MuseScore's default playback is one possible interpretation, probably indeed faster than most people would be physically able to play it but they would if they could :-). Anyhow, what is important for a notation program is to enter the notation correctly, and that's an acciccatura.

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