Notes for transposing instrument are shown in concert pitch on piano control

• May 7, 2018 - 18:25
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Graphical (UI)
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When I enter some notes for some transposing instrument on piano control, I suppose them to be shown in transposing key on the control, not in concert pitch. The same thing is with selecting a note in a transposing instrument part.

In the example (see the screenshots) I entered/selected 1nd octave B in tenor sax part and expect it to be shown on the piano control instead of the "real" concert pitch "small octave" A.

Though this thing might be helpful for someone when he/she needs to check the "real pitch" of the note. So the possible solution is to show the "concert pitch" on the piano control with some pale color, while the "transpoxing score pitch" should be always thought to be the primarly thing to show on the keyboard.

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