Mastering MuseScore Online

• May 9, 2018 - 21:27

My name is Marc Sabatella, and if you're reading this on the forums at, you probably already know me as one of the developers of the software and a (very) frequent contributor here. You may also know me as the author of the comprehensive guide Mastering MuseScore, and if you've been around long enough, you may remember me as the composer of the song Reunion that was long used as the demo for MuseScore.

Today, I am excited to formally announce my new position as Director of Education for MuseScore and the launch of my new website, Mastering MuseScore Online – the ultimate resource for learning the world’s most popular music notation software!

Please take a few moments to browse around the new website! In addition to the book itself, we offer a variety of free content as well as premium courses. We have big plans to continue to expand on these offerings, so we hope you bookmark the site and keep coming back for more!

I have no plans to stop contributing here on, though!


Thanks for the kind words, all!

One particular aspect of the site I'd like to call attention to now - I am starting a regular series of live interactive chat sessions via streaming video that I am calling the "MuseScore Café", where I'll do demos, talk about my own music creation processes, answer questions, etc. First one is this coming Wednesday, 12 noon EDT (4 PM GMT). Completely free, so do pop in if you are able!

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