D.S al coda playback

• May 10, 2018 - 17:38

will write more about my first score later... musescore is great... adding "swing" changes the playback! and i can get it to play the repeats... but i can't seem to make it observe the 'D.S. al coda' ... any ideas...?


Generally, it will work if all the pieces are there, but if anything is missing, it won't. So, if you don't actually have the coda there, or the "To Coda", you might not see anything happen. Also, if you use just the coda sign instead of a true "To Coda" marking, it won't work. If you prefer (as many do) to use a simple coda sign instead of "To Coda", go ahead and add it as "To Coda", then double click to edit the text, press F2 to display the Special Characters palette, and add the coda sign back that way.

If none of this helps, then attach your score and we can see for ourselves what might be going on.

PS Hi from way back!

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  1. Add the "To Coda" element
  2. Add a coda element
  3. Double click the coda element to go into text editing mode
  4. Select the coda symbol and copy it (still in text editing mode)
  5. ESC out of text editing mode
  6. Double click the "To Coda" to go into text editing mode
  7. Paste
  8. Likely, select the pasted symbol and use the text properties toolbar at the bottom of the screen to increase the fontsize (to something around 18-22)
  1. Add two coda symbols where you want to jump from and to
  2. Go to the first coda symbol and open the inspector
  3. Go to Marker, Marker Type, and change it from Coda to "To Coda"
  4. Now the look is the same for both symbols but the first one functions as a to coda

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