Propagation of the layout of parts.

• May 17, 2018 - 15:13

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Context: I often use MuseScore 2.2.1 for big band scores and parts. In almost all arrangements, the different groups of wind instruments have identical rhythms.

Suggestion: for a future version (if it has not already been done): in order to limit the manual layouts (line break, page) it would be interesting to have an opportunity to inherit the form of the first part to the other part of the group concerned (to be selected).

**Example: ** I carefully put the part of sax alto 1; I would like to be able to obtain automatically the same presentation for the parts of sax alto 2, sax tenor 1 & 2; idem for groups' trumpets 'and' trombones.

It would be a kind of extension in the spirit of 'Apply to all parties' that we have for Styles.

In French now :
Propagation de la mise en page.
** Contexte: ** J'utilise souvent MuseScore 2.2.1 pour les scores et parties de big band. Dans presque tous les arrangements, les différents groupes d'instruments à vent ont des rythmes identiques.

** Suggestion: ** pour une future version (si cela n'a pas déjà été fait): afin de limiter les mises en page manuelles (saut de ligne, page) il serait intéressant d'avoir l'opportunité d'hériter de la forme de la première partie dans les autres parties du groupe concerné (parties à sélectionner, évntuellement).

(Ex: je mets soigneusement en forme la partie de sax alto 1; je voudrais pouvoir obtenir automatiquement la même présentation pour les parties de sax alto 2, sax ténor 1 & 2, idem pour les groupes 'trompettes' et 'trombones'.

Ce serait une sorte d'extension dans l'esprit de «Appliquer à toutes les parties» que nous avons pour Styles.*


Same system breaks in score and part only rarely make sense (and can get added quite easily with the break every measures tool), same page breaks practically never make sense

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I frequently create or adapt scores + parts for big-band or concert band with MuseScore. Compared to Si****us I used previously, it is perhaps the feature that I miss the most. I explain:
A typical big band is composed of 3 sections of "blowers": 5 saxophones, 4 trumpets, 4 trombones and a rhythmic section.
The parts of each section of "blowers" are almost always homo-rhythmic (some exceptions however for baritone sax or when there are written solos, but in this case 3 of the 4 instruments have the same rhythms). As a result, the parties have an identical presentation. So, once a part has been carefully refined taking into account the reading comfort (so not necessarily lines of 4 bars), it is much more comfortable to propagate this formatting to the other 3 parts (to be selected from among all) in a couple of clicks rather than alternately displaying the formatted part and each of the others in order to manually resume jumps
This situation also occurs in the case of concert band parties, although it is less frequent.

I guess I'm not the only one in the MuseScore community who writes scores for big-band, wind orchestra or marching band. Thanks to those who are interested to give their opinion.

In French now :

Je crée ou adapte fréquemment des partitions + parties pour big-band ou orchestre d'harmonie avec MuseScore. Comparé à Si****us que j'ai utilisé précédemment, c'est peut-être la fonctionnalité qui me manque le plus. J'explique :
Un big band typique est composé de 3 sections de "soufflants" : 5 saxophones, 4 trompettes, 4 trombones et une section rythmique.
Les parties de chaque section de "soufflants" sont presque toujours homo-rythmiques (quelques exceptions cependant pour le saxophone baryton ou quand il y a des solos écrits, mais dans ce cas 3 des 4 instruments ont le même rythme). En conséquence, les parties ont une présentation identique. Ainsi, une fois qu'une partie a été soigneusement mise en page en tenant compte du confort de lecture (donc pas forcément des lignes de 4 mesures), il est beaucoup plus confortable de propager ce formatage aux 3 autres pièces (à sélectionner parmi toutes) en quelques clics plutôt que d'afficher alternativement la partie formatée et chacune des autres afin de reprendre manuellement les sauts.
Cette situation se produit également dans le cas des certaines parties d'orchestres d'harmonie, bien qu'elle soit moins fréquente.

Je suppose que je ne suis pas le seul dans la communauté MuseScore à écrire des partitions pour big-band, orchestre à vent ou fanfare. Merci à ceux qui sont intéressés de donner leur avis.

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All of the settings in the style and page settings have the option to apply to all parts. The only thing that won't be passed to parts are system and page breaks, perhaps making this an option in the add/remove system breaks makes sense. Making it the unchangeable default does not, because instruments like tubas and flutes rarely need the same system breaks.

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Quote mike320 : "Making it the unchangeable default does not, because instruments like tubas and flutes rarely need the same system breaks."

Quote mikosax : "it is much more comfortable to propagate this formatting to the other 3 parts (to be selected from among all)"

That's exactly what I meant by referring to the context of a big band.

Seen from my bell tower, it does not seem too difficult to me to reproduce the jumps of a page already formatted on other pages but indeed it is necessary to add an option that would make it possible to choose the parts concerned.
This is how it is done in Si******us.

Why not a plug-in if it's possible, but it's not at my age that I'm going to get back into programming, especially since I would have to digest the whole context of MuseScore.

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Currently, in 3.0, a plugin won't be possible though, first the entire plugin framework needs to get fixed. Then system breaks would need to get exposed to that framework (if it isn't already, not sure). Then it would be a matter of selecting and reading one part to gather at which measures it has system breaks, then select the part(s) to write these to and add them, while removing existing breaks there.

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The idea of a button "Apply to all parts" does not quite correspond to the initial wish but personally I would have the use of it in the particular case of entering a Realbook or Fakebook page with several parts transposed for instruments in different tonalities. In this case, all the parts are formatted identically (most often with 4 measurements per line). I must admit that this would not be a very big step forward because currently I use the "Add/Remove System Jumps" shortcut for each part and it's quite fast.

The starting idea of this feature request is to be able to apply a formatting of a given part to one or more parts to be chosen (from the list of existing parts, or all if necessary), as Jojo Schmitz has well understood.

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Using parts as a way to workaround the lack of support for a more direct feature to handle multiple transpositions of the same lead score is clever, to be sure. But instead of adding features to the parts facility that really aren't that useful for "real" parts, better to focus on how to actually support your actual use case better - how to allow multiple transposition for a single staff without requiring the workaround of separate staves with separate parts.

Not that I have any great ideas for how that might work.

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