SFZ Format

• May 17, 2018 - 18:54

hello musescore members, that format sfz it are the parts of each instrument? If yes, I want to know how to install them, I added to "Zerberus", but the instrument sounds remain the same. (I'm trying to use the "sonatina-symphonic-orchestra-1.0")


(sorry my bad english, i'm Brazilian)


SFZ/Zerberus is a different sound font type than an sf2 or sf3. You cannot simply declare a sound font is to be used by Zerberus, it must be made for Zerberus. To the best of my knowledge sonatina-symphonic-orchestra has not be made as a Zerberus sound font.

Make sure you have downloaded the entire Sonatina Symphonic package or you might experience some bugs. If you have downloaded an SFZ, import the entire thing (SFZs, wav., etc.) into the SoundFonts folder of MuseScore (go to your computer to find the MuseScore FOLDER, not the program. It is provided by default when you install the program). Once imported, you should be able to go to Zerberus and add the SoundFonts in. They will appear in the mixer (scroll all the way down to see any SFZs in the mixer). To save the trouble, downloading the SF2/SF3 makes it a lot simpler to manage the files (because it's only one file). Hope this helps!

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