Four Measure Number Issues

• May 19, 2018 - 01:08
Reported version
S4 - Minor

The attached file, z.mscz, illustrates all of these.
1) Instead of measures that are multiples of 5, it is numbering measures that are 1 + multiples of 5. If you go to Format/General Style.../Measure Numbers and uncheck "Show first", it numbers the measures correctly.
2) Select a measure number and open the Inspector. The default vertical alignment is Align top edge. That can't be right. The third option from the left, Align baseline, should be the default.
3) Select a measure number and change its vertical alignment to Align baseline. Save the file, then close it and reopen it. The change to the measure number's vertical alignment was not saved.
4) Though you can modify an individual measure number's full set of properties in the Inspector, you cannot modify many of those properties in Format/General Style.../Measure Numbers. There is no way to set these in the current overall style. This is especially problematic for scores that have these properties set, but now they cannot be changed globally except in a previous version of MuseScore. Missing properties include:
    a) color
    b) x and y offsets
    c) horizontal alignment
    d) vertical alignment
    e) Frame checkbox and, if checked, the rest of the frame properties
    f) Circle and Box checkboxes



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Really? I don't think I've ever seen a score with measure numbers at 6 and 11, not 5 and 10. That's a change from MuseScore 2.x. Do other sheet music programs really do it this way? Maybe I'm just out of touch.

I don't think that Show First should impact the numbers that follow #1. That is separate from the issue you link to in your comment.

There is a difference between "every x measures" and "at multiples".
You can still get your desired result by not checking "show first" setting every x to 5; then open up the measure properties for the first measure and change it to "Always show" its measure number.