Getting started

• May 19, 2018 - 04:19

How do you create a score on mobile?


To answer the question another way: if you really want to use a mobile device to create scores and then use those scores within the MuseScore ecosystem (eg, do further editing in MuseScore on your computer, upload to or otherwise share with other MuseScore users, view/play using the MuseScore mobile apps, etc), you could download another program that does allow editing on your particular mobile device (eg, Notion for iPad) and then export to MusicXML, then import that into MuseScore on your computer. I've done this sort of thing on occasion. You could also use something like Chrome Remote Desktop to allow your mobile device to access your computer running MuseScore - probably a better solution if your computer is always on and you have an internet connection when you want to work. Or, something like the rollApp service, which allows you to run MuseScore remotely via their servers, and you can save your work to Google Drive.

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