Dynamics and soundfonts

• May 21, 2018 - 06:52

HI all Using macbook pro 2011 leopard both old and new 2.2 musescore now does not seem to recognise diminuendos i have copied part of a piece to demonstrate why is this?
Also keep losing my default soundfonts now when both mMusescore 2 Dynamics?.mscz and 2.2 are closed down and have to keep adding them back in why is this please !

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For hairpins see:
It reads: ...it currently is not possible to change the dynamic over the course of a single note (and tied notes count as single notes here).
(BTW: the harp needs a dynamic after the diminuendo for that one to work.)

You also wrote:
...when both mMusescore 2 Dynamics?.mscz and 2.2 are closed down.
What is mMusescore 2?
Are you running two versions of MuseScore?


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FWIW, all programs of any complexity have bugs, but 2.2.1 fixes literally hundreds of bugs that were present in 2.1, so you should absolutely be using the more recent version. And no version of MuseScore ever takes away scores - your scores are your scores, they live on your drive in your Documents folder just like any other files and they remain there even if you completely uninstall MuseScore.

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